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Comprehensive Hearing Testing Available
The Comprehensive Hearing Test evaluates all parts of the auditory system, starting with Otoscopy to rule out any wax or debris in the ear canal, to testing hearing sensitivity at different pitches and the ability to recognize and discriminate speech and the status of the middle ear.  For a complete description of the hearing test, see the section on Audiological testing in Your Hearing.

Tinnitus Assessment and Treatment 

We offer a comprehensive program to evaluate and help you manage your tinnitus. We have several options to help you control your tinnitus including sound therapy, Widex Zen, counseling, meditation, relaxation techniques, etc.  We will work with other professionals to create a personalized program.  For more information, see the section on Tinnitus.

Auditory Processing Evaluations
Sometimes your difficulties may not be a hearing problem, but a processing difficulty.  Too often, children and adults are misdiagnosed with attention and behavior disorders when in reality it is an auditory processing disorder. If you have difficulty hearing in background noise, you may have a processing problem. If your child has difficulty in school, it may be a processing problem. We offer a full evaluation as well as treatment options. For more information on Auditory Processing, see the section in Your Hearing.

Meeting the Special Needs of Musicians
Dr. Jacobster herself is an accomplished musician and recognizes and understands their special needs. Offering services ranging from special musician earplugs to specially programmed hearing aids, Dr. Jacobster will work with you to give you the best possible hearing for both your professional needs and personal enjoyment.

Aural Rehabilitation
The Aural Rehabilitation programs are designed to assist hearing aid users, as well as non-users, to improve their ability to communicate with and without their hearing instruments. Each program is custom designed for your personal communication needs. For more information, see our article in the Library section .

Hearing Aid Repair Services - All Makes and Brands

As part of our commitment to making sure you get the best care possible, Lyric Audiology offers simple in-office repairs and extensive manufacturer repairs for all makes and brands.

Hearing Protection
Keep your hearing safe. Ask about customized earplugs for hearing protection.  We can also make earplugs for your child with ear tubes to protect their ears while they heal.

Specialist in Pediatrics
Dr. Jacobster is a specialist in testing and fitting children over the age of five years. For more information on pediatric hearing losses, see our article in the Library Section

Most insurances and credit cards accepted
Lyric Audiology has one of the widest selections of hearing aids, and we are able to offer you options at different prices to fit your budget.  We also accept major credit cards and most major insurances.

Dr. Jacobster brings you the latest in hearing technology and therapy.